Podcasts, short films, audio recordings and texts reflect on field trips, workshops, talks and research undertaken as part of Groundwork.

A woman speaking at a lecturn

The Dancing Museum

Curator Catherine Wood gives a lecture about her work programming live performance projects at Tate Modern.

People standing on a cliff edge

A Banishment Spell

Lucy Stein reflects on a workshop held at The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle with clients of the charity Addaction.

An information sign attached to a wooden fence

Clay Gut Landscaping

Adam Chodzko reflects on bodies, consumption and assimilation, inspired by excursions into the man-made landscapes of Cornwall's Clay Country.

Three men talking, seated at a table

Archival Extraction

Ivor Bowditch and Derek Giles of the China Clay History Society describe the processes involved in the extraction and refinement of China Clay.

Solstice Walk

Abigail Reynolds's podcast recalls an overnight group walk across the Lizard peninsula on the summer solstice.

News from CAST and Groundwork

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